Welcome This is a website where you can get acquainted with the works  of Clay Artist Miles Smith From The Essential Rumi In Y/our light I learn how to love. In Y/our beauty, how to make pots. Y/you dance inside my chest, Where no one sees Y/you, But sometimes I do, And that sight becomes this art. Miles standing in frount of rack filled with bisk ware Tea Pot on studio shelf Made with MAGIX Tea Service with Sumi ink painting Miles standing beside a 4 ft x 6 ft print of a sumi ink painting The picture to the right  is of a 14” X 18” sumi brush painting that was enlarged to 6’ x5’ feet. The print is waterproof ink on woven plastic, grommeted for outdoor banner display. Pottery Art from The 2011 Dixon Tour, NM Sumi Brush Paintings 4' X 6' banner printed on woven plastic Sumi Brush Painting has been a life long interest. It has been a  decorator arts tool from time immortal. I use the animation in the brush hairs to stimulate emotion in the ideas/ ideals equivocating between the “Flywhite” and the “Bong” elements (White and Black) of the painting. There is a story in white and a story in black. These two intelligences are in the mind of the viewer due to the fractal qualities of the images. The viewer narrates the view in a most uniquely personal manner. The more I enter my story into the painting the more easily you  recognize your story. We are a story people. Part and parcel in ideogram as story is the fact that visual arts are erroneously  experienced as property of the eyes; the poet assures us that ‘man sees what he wants to see and disregards the rest’. In the art of sumi the mark stands symbol to the mind’s experience rather than the artist’s story.  Even knowing that in the end our judgments are almost never proven out, it is most difficult to not judge. It is the nature of the ego-mind to stop an experience with  a judgment. What I like about working with sumi  is the endless dodge to identity it affords to minded judgment. The ego-mind strives to satisfy equivocation by projection of its memory.  I move my brush around and through a piece trying to prevent such a settled resolution in the form. In my success my mind is silenced into feeling. When identity breaks down, feeling takes over and judgment rests in peace.